At Trope Productions we have the capacity to create and record the highest quality video. We offer professional cinematography services, and high-quality editing of all types of recordings. We also do production work for our clients. When you need something filmed, from a wedding to a theatre performance, you can count on Trope Productions.


Recording special events in life is important. Trope Productions can make capturing special moments, events, or projects easy. We have state-of-the-art cinematography equipment and practical expertise in filming. Trope Productions can film any occasion for you with crystal-clear quality.

We film weddings, corporate events, birthdays, celebrations, and many other occasions. Every filming is done with exceptional resolution, quality, and sound. We take pride in our recordings because we know how important it is to save special memories.

We use professional film quality cameras when filming. This means that every recording is in focus, with minimal image flaws. At Trope productions, we take filming serious, so as not to miss any shot.


At Trope Productions we pride ourselves on our ability to edit and put together anything we shoot with quality, and clarity. We also offer our services on projects not our own. If a client needs video editing done, we have all the tools and expertise necessary to make their project a into a success.

Our team has over 20 years of video editing experience, both CGI and live action. With the technical expertise and high powered equipment, we can take on the most difficult jobs. When our clients need video editing they trust us to deliver the best.

Video editing takes a large amount of time. So when a client needs a project done, we have meetings right away and create a schedule that works for them and us. This way no one loses out on time or completing their project.


Besides filming and editing video for our clients, Trope Productions also produces all of our cinematography. We are the creative force and direction behind each project, and combine the valuable input from our clients with years of filming experience to make the best product possible.

When filming a project for our clients, we believe that consolidating the creative direction and the recording is the best path to achieving a project everyone is happy with. We understand how important time is, so keeping the production of a in house is generally better for everyone.

Our clients' experience and opinions are invaluable in the design and production process. While Trope Productions handles most of the production of films, we still find it is crucial to work together with our clients to achieve an ideal result.